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Who I am


Leticia Sanz is a musician born in the city of Montes Claros in Brazil on March 9, 1988, she had her inspiration turned to the arts from a very young age, until the end of the 90s she started her music studies at the State Conservatory of Music Lorenzo Fernandez, where he had an influence in studies with Classic Rock, Brazilian Rock and MPB.

At home he had an influence with his mother listening to rocks from the 50s, 60s and 70s, and especially The Beatles. From an early age he was always interested in string instruments and guitar tones.

She always says that “there is no better feeling than drinking Coke, listening to some guitar riffs on rainy days, a perfect combination!”, Emphasizing her love for rock.

During music studies he had the opportunity to study with acoustic guitar, drums, singing, joint practice, choir, music and art history.

When he moved to Belo Horizonte, he had the opportunity to study at the Palácio das Artes and took a music class with the renowned internationally awarded composer, Andersen Viana.

For Leticia, her rock is an interesting mix of all the genres she met in her studies and practices, and even though the closest ones compare to some names, she always does something intimate and cheerful, as she says, “my name in Latin it means 'joy' and I’ve to live up to the meaning, in short, an indie and unique work! ”

Today it presents in several formats and has some partnerships, turning its alternative rock into a more modern and intriguing work, from arrangements with accordion to electronic beats.

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